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Naval Officers' Association of Southern Africa


In 1947 a group of former Naval Reserve and Marine Officers banded together and founded the RNVR Officers’ Club, Cape Town. The following year they amalgamated with the retired Royal Navy Officers’ Association of Southern Africa.

Chairmen of the Royal Navy Officers’ Association of Southern Africa.
1947   C S RICKETS
1948-51   DR G REES
1955   DR H KING

1949 saw similar associations being formed in the other main centres of South Africa and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh graciously agreed to be Life Patron.

The number of members living in or around Simon’s Town grew rapidly and in 1977 it was decided to form a separate section there. Thus came into being the Cape Town and Simon’s Town branches of the Naval Officers’ Association of Southern Africa with the simple object of fostering and maintaining the comradeship engendered during naval service. Chairmen of NOASA Cape Town Branch were as follows:

Chairmen of NOASA Cape Town Branch
1957   DR G REES
1958   J TEMPLE
1960-63   J H FREEMAN
1964-67   DR G REES
1968   J H FREEMAN
1969-73   D H BROOKES
1974-77   I H D RANKIN
1978-81   DR H W CLEGG
1982-85   N McK MUIR
1986-87   C W V E SMITH
1987-88   B O POWELL
1988-91   W A R WILTSHIRE
1991-94   R T SHARPE
1994-95   I H D RANKIN
1996   R M P CARNE
1996-97   W A R WILTSHIRE

Chairmen of NOASA Simon's Town Branch
1975-85    P C PRESTON-WHYTE
1985-88   C F SANDERHOFF
1988-96   G J ROWLAND
1996-97    P W BIERMANN

On 29 August 1997 the two branches, Cape Town and Simon’s Town, amalgamated and became known as the Naval Officers’ Association of Southern Africa, Simon’s Town.

Chairmen of Naval Officers’ Association of Southern Africa, Simon’s Town.
1997-99   A E RUDMAN
1999-2010   N F WISE
2010-2015   R C MAYDON
2016-2020   W.H. Rice
2021-   J.F. Gower

During May of 2006 the Simon’s Town and Durban branches decided to form a co-operative arrangement, each remaining autonomous with their own constitution and budget, but with Simon’s Town undertaking the majority of the logistics and infrastructure responsibilities.

The regional NOA branches in the main centres in Southern Africa did discuss implementing a national committee and structures, but the potential expense had led to a decision to maintain regional branch autonomy, with Simon’s Town branch to offer assistance where possible with certain functions.

SAN/NOA Ladies Night 22 November 2012

Sixteen NOASA members and eleven ladies were guests at the SA Navy dinner at Wardroom Job Masego in November. There was general appreciation of the high standard of cuisine and service.


The 2012 Bridge Watch Keeping Trophy was awarded to SLt G A Herwels.

2012 Bridge Watch Keeping Trophy