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NOASA Membership

The objects of the Association shall be:

To foster and maintain the spirit of comradeship engendered during naval service

To encourage the maintenance of naval traditions, customs and standards.

To foster mutual help among members and, where possible, render assistance.


NOASA ties can be purchased from the treasurer at R50.00 each.

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Subject to their discretion the committee may approve:

Ordinary Membership. Former and serving Naval, Marine and Merchant Navy officers.

Honorary Membership. Deserving persons; except that no person eligible for Ordinary Membership may become an Honorary Member.

Honorary Life Vice-President. Recommendations for approval at an Annual or Special General Meeting.


Subscriptions are currently R50 pa and may increase to R60.00 p.a. if the treasurers proposal is accepted at the next AGM. The preferred method of payment is EFT stating intials, name and reason as this cost NOASA nothing. Please remember to include R15.00 when paying subs by cheque or R12.00 when depositing the R50 at an ATM.

Bank Details

Bank details for payments to NOASA can be obtained by contacting NOASA via the contact us page.